Coudre is a Barcelona based research studio delving on the intersections of digital design and the morphogenic contingencies of materials. Coudre develops software, hardware and material recipes to produce material outcomes where different agencies negociate.

Coudre was founded in 2017 by Raul Nieves and Valeria Ustarez.

Raul is an artist, creative coder, industrial designer, and maker. Before starting Coudre, Raul had a career designing Robots that do things. Raul has a degree in Computer Engineering and Architecture.


Valeria is a creative designer in Coudre. Her work is based on emerging design, to learn and understand how matter behaves with machines and parametric design.


Jude is an artist and artisan investigating the automation of processes like creativity and human sensibility, trying to find how (un)distinguishable we are from machines. He breaks down those processes by programming software which is part of, or controls his artistic methodology.